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What they say

He is great fun to work with, a creative mind full of ideas and very organised. He knows what's happening in the industry and can always recommend the next best thing.

  • Alena D. (Senior Engineering Consultant | Montreal, CA)

Thibault has a serious passion for digital and technology. There isn't a single day where I don't see an article Thibault recommends regarding technology and business.

  • Ainkaran R. (Tech Enthusiast | Toronto, CA)

Thibault has a passion for social media and its related technologies.

  • John Y. (Product Manager | San Francisco, CA, USA)

Thibault is a highly effective and efficient communicator.

  • Aaron M. (Co-worker | Seattle, VA, USA)

Thibault has a passion & keen interest in all things Digital (—always an 'early adopter' ready to try new technologies!)

  • William L. (Co-worker | Brighton, UK)


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